Don’t Let the Quality of Your Air Affect Your Quality of Life

Find indoor air quality testing in Santa Clarita and Palmdale, CA

Do you know what’s in the air that’s making your eyes water? Is it seasonal allergies or something in your home that’s causing you to sneeze every few minutes? All Southland Home Inspection of Palmdale, CA can find out for you. We offer air quality, mold, lead and asbestos testing to determine if there are contaminants in your air. Our tests and samples are shipped overnight to a federal lab, and we’ll receive the results within 48 hours.

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3 reasons you should schedule an indoor air quality test without delay

The content of your air can affect your health and wellbeing. Here are a few good reasons to consider having your home’s air tested:

  1. There are elders, young children or asthmatics living in your house
  2. Your home has popcorn ceilings, insulated furnace heat wraps or exposed furnace pipes
  3. You notice peeling paint or mold around your home

Rely on All Southland Home Inspection to assess the quality of your air.